A day in the life -  an employee’s thoughts and experience of working at Probitas.



I’ve been working for Probitas for fifteen months. As a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant, I serve as the first point of contact for our clients, and help them to implement solutions that will help their business. I apply my expertise in Dynamics to the business challenges they face and design solutions, provide training and technical support, and work with our developers to tailor the system to their needs.


No two days are ever the same. Most of my time is spent in the office, but I regularly visit clients. Everyone works in the same open-plan office, which provides a great collaborative atmosphere. Everyone has their own specialisms, so if a client needs expert help in an area I’m not completely familiar with, there is always someone on-hand who is. At any one time, there will be over a hundred years of experience in Dynamics that I can call on.


I regularly connect with clients via Skype or Microsoft Teams, which are great tools for screen sharing, conference calls, and collaboration. You still can’t beat regular face-to-face time at a client’s offices, but online tools like Teams are a great help.


Some of my time is set aside for learning new technology. Microsoft is constantly introducing new software and new technology, so even after over twenty years in the industry, I am constantly updating my skills.


There is a good social life in the office with plenty of banter. Every summer staff and their families get together for a weekend at Center Parcs.  This is a great opportunity to leave work behind and see how many paintball bruises we can inflict on one another.

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"So far we have used them to set up 4 companies across 3 countries within 1 year. With excellent service and support, we will continue to use them as we grow further."

Mark Barron, General Manager, Halo Medical