Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

An all in one business management solution designed for growing businesses looking to easily upgrade from their entry-level accounting software and legacy ERP systems. Business Central helps organisations manage finances, operations, sales and Customer service, working seamlessly with Office 365 wherever you are from Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices enabling you to improve customer interactions and make better decisions. Dynamics 365 Business Central brings the full power of Dynamics to the cloud.

Data connection throughout sales, purchasing, inventory and customer service to keep you fully up to date and on track, built-in Power BI dashboards chart your financial performance. Accurately speed up the process of financial reporting, streamline accounts for customers and vendors. Analyse data across multiple dimensions for financial forecasting. Clear insights across systems, letting you make smart decisions faster.

Built in intelligence predicts what needs to be replenished and when. Automatically calculate levels of stock, with substitutes suggested when an ordered item is out of stock. Workflow approvals to prevent fraudulent purchases.

Prioritise your sales leads, track customer interactions to realise opportunities. Speed up the process for quotes, enquiries, service management and payments from Outlook. Comprehensive insight of service tasks, workload and skills to optimise resource and case resolution.

Manage project budgets using timesheets, advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. Manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales, keep track on planned vs actual costs for customers. Real time insight on project status and profitability.

Manage forecasting to fulfilment using sales forecasts. Automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders. Get a comprehensive view of inventory for efficient order fulfilment, track item transaction and movement by setting up bins using warehouse and storage layout. Meet customer demands by optimising manufacturing capacity and resource to improve production.

Built in privacy by design and privacy by default assists with GDPR compliance. Control access to personal data, enable audit trails for security and accountability. Microsoft datacentres automatic encryption enables you to store and move personal data around your systems protecting it from unauthorised access.

Streamline your business today.

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Streamline your business today.

Requst a free demo today, or speak to one of our experts.

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